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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Forthcoming articles

Article number Authors / Title Full Article
jmi-12-01 Zhen-Hang Yang, Jingfeng Tian Monotonicity and sharp inequalities related to gamma function View
jmi-12-02 Jibing Qi, Wen Wang Schur convex functions and the Bonnesen style isoperimetric inequalities for planar convex polygons View
jmi-12-03 Liwei Wang, Lisheng Shu Boundedness of some sublinear operators on weighted variable Herz-Morrey spaces View
jmi-12-04 Yang-Hi Lee, Soon-Mo Jung, Michael Th. Rassias Uniqueness theorems on functional inequalities concerning cubic-quadratic-additive equation View
jmi-12-05 Jian Liu New refinements of the Erdös-Mordell inequality View
jmi-12-06 Zizun Li A generalized nonlinear sums-difference inequality and its applications View
jmi-12-07 Fadel Nasaireh and Ioan Raşa Another look at Voronovskaja type formulas View
jmi-12-08 Masayuki Fujimoto, Yuki Seo Matrix Richard inequality via the geometric mean View
jmi-12-09 Bicheng Yang, Qiang Chen A more accurate multidimensional Hardy-Hilbert type inequality with a general homogeneous kernel View
jmi-12-10 Dong Zhao, Xiaoqin Li, Kehan Wu The moment of maximum normed sums of randomly weighted pairwise NQD sequences View
jmi-12-11 Muhammad Uzair Awan, Muhammad Aslam Noor, Marcela V. Mihai, Khalida Inayat Noor Inequalities via harmonic convex functions: conformable fractional calculus approach View
jmi-12-12 Nicuşor Minculete Considerations about the several inequalities in an inner product space View
jmi-12-13 H. M. Srivastava, Khaled Mehrez, Živorad Tomovski New inequalities for some generalized Mathieu type series and the Riemann zeta function View
jmi-12-14 Jingfeng Tian, Ming-Hu Ha Properties and refinements of Aczél-type inequalities View