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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 7

Year: 2013


Issue: 3 (September, 2013)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
07-28 Rabia Bibi, Martin J. Bohner, Josip Pečarić, Sanja Varošanec: Minkowski and Beckenbach-Dresher inequalities and functionals on time scales 299–312 View View
07-29 Asif R. Khan, Josip Pečarić, Mirna Rodić Lipanović: $\mathbf{n}$-exponential convexity for Jensen-type inequalities 313–335 View View
07-30 Yue Hu, Yanhui Wang, Yueshan Wang: The weighted estimate for the commutator of the generalized fractional integral 337–347 View View
07-31 Yu-Ming Chu, Miao-Kun Wang, Ye-Fang Qiu, Xiao-Yan Ma: Sharp two parameter bounds for the logarithmic mean and the arithmetic-geometric mean of Gauss 349–355 View View
07-32 Chaobang Gao, Jiajin Wen: A dimensionality reduction principle on the optimization of function 357–375 View View
07-33 He Leping, Gao Mingzhe: A Hilbert integral inequality with Hurwitz zeta function 377–387 View View
07-34 Limin Zou: Inequalities related to Heinz and Heron means 389–397 View View
07-35 Edward Neuman: A one-parameter family of bivariate means 399–412 View View
07-36 Edward Neuman: Sharp inequalities involving Neuman-Sándor and logarithmic means 413–419 View View
07-37 József Sándor: On certain inequalities for hyperbolic and trigonometric functions 421–425 View View
07-38 Waleed Al-Rawashdeh, Sivaram K. Narayan: Difference of composition operators on Hardy space 427–444 View View
07-39 Abdul Aziz, N. A. Rather: Bounds for the zeros of a class of lacunary-type polynomials 445–452 View View
07-40 Bapurao C. Dhage: Differential inequalities for hybrid fractional differential equations 453–459 View View
07-41 Chen Cheng, Jingshi Xu: Geometric properties of Banach space valued Bochner-Lebesgue spaces with variable exponent 461–475 View View
07-42 Zhiqun Xue: The equivalence of convergence theorems of Ishikawa-Mann iterations with errors for -contractive mappings in uniformly smooth Banach spaces 477–485 View View
07-43 Jamal Rooin: On a Ky Fan type inequality due to H.\ Alzer 487–493 View View
07-44 Lingling Wan, Run Xu: Some generalized integral inequalities and their applications 495–511 View View
07-45 Takahiko Nakazi: Norm inequality of AP+BQ for selfadjoint projections P and Q with PQ=0 513–516 View View
07-46 Masatoshi Fujii, Hongliang Zuo, Nan Cheng: Generalization on Kantorovich inequality 517–522 View View
07-47 Qingbo Wang: Some Nesbitt type inequalities with applications for the Zeta functions 523–527 View View
07-48 Guanghui Cheng, Xi Rao: Some inequalities for the spectral radius of the Hadamard product of two nonnegative matrices 529–534 View View
07-49 Georgia Irina Oros: New results related to the convexity of the Bernardi integral operator 535–541 View View
07-50 Ryotaro Tanaka, Kichi-Suke Saito, Naoto Komuro: Another approach to Beckner's inequality 543–549 View View