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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 5

Year: 2011


Issue: 3 (September, 2011)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
05-27 Ye-Fang Qiu, Miao-Kun Wang, Yuming Chu, Gen-Di Wang: Two sharp inequalities for Lehmer mean, identric mean and logarithmic mean 301–306 View View
05-28 Chen Xianyi, Liu Lanzhe: Boundedness for multilinear commutators of integral operators in Hardy and Herz-Hardy spaces on homogeneous spaces 307–319 View View
05-29 Changhong Wu, Meng Zhang: Weighted endpoint estimates for multilinear commutator of Littlewood-Paley operator 321–339 View View
05-30 Juan Arias de Reyna, Jan van de Lune: A proof of a trigonometric inequality. A glimpse inside the mathematical kitchen 341–353 View View
05-31 K. K. Dewan, Arty Ahuja: Growth of polynomials with prescribed zeros 355–361 View View
05-32 Wei-dong Jiang, Mihály Bencze: Some geometric inequalities involving angle bisectors and medians of a triangle 363–369 View View
05-33 Xiang Gao: A note on the isoperimetric inequality and its stability 371–381 View View
05-34 Barry Booton, Yoram Sagher: Asymptotic behavior of Hardy operators 383–400 View View
05-35 Szilárd András, Alpár Mészáros: Remarks on some Wendroff type inequalities 401–411 View View
05-36 Ming Fan: Quadratic interpolation and some operator inequalities 413–427 View View
05-37 Yuming Chu, Cheng Zong, Gen-di Wang: Optimal convex combination bounds of Seiffert and geometric means for the arithmetic mean 429–434 View View
05-38 Josip Pečarić, Ksenija Smoljak: a(x)-monotonic functions and their inequalities 435–450 View View
05-39 Valmir Krasniqi: Erratum, several q-integral inequalities 451–451 View View