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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 4

Year: 2010


Issue: 1 (March, 2010)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
04-01 Josip Pečarić, Rajna Rajić: Inequalities of the Dunkl-Williams type for absolute value operators 1–10 View View
04-02 Edward Neuman: Inequalities involving inverse circular and inverse hyperbolic functions II 11–14 View View
04-03 Xiaoming Zhang, Ningguo Zheng: Geometrically convex functions and estimation of remainder terms for Taylor expansion of some functions 15–25 View View
04-04 Zhong-Shan Fang, Ze-Hua Zhou: Extended Cesáro operators on BMOA spaces in the unit ball 27–36 View View
04-05 Lu Xu, Huai-Xin Cao, Wen-Ting Zheng, Zhen-Xia Gao: Super-stability and stability of the exponential equations 37–44 View View
04-06 Roger W. Barnard, Kendall C. Richards, Hilari C. Tiedeman: A survey of some bounds for Gauss' hypergeometric function and related bivariate means 45–52 View View
04-07 Farooq Ahmad, P. Cerone, S. S. Dragomir, N. A. Mir: On some bounds of Ostrowski and Čebyšev type 53–65 View View
04-08 Wei Nian Li, Weihong Sheng: Some Gronwall type inequalities on time scales 67–76 View View
04-09 R. M. EL-Ashwash, M. K. Aouf: Some subclasses of multivalent functions involving the extended fractional differintegral operator 77–93 View View
04-10 Lu-Chuan Ceng, Jen-Chih Yao: An iterative algorithm for system of mixed variational-like inequalities 95–106 View View
04-11 Li-ping Yang, Xiangsheng Xie: On equivalence between convergence of Ishikawa-Mann and Noor iterations 107–120 View View
04-12 Mingjin Wang: Inequalities for terminating r+1ɸr and applications 121–128 View View
04-13 Hiroyasu Mizuguchi, Kichi-Suke Saito: A note on Clarkson's inequality in the real case 129–132 View View
04-14 M. A. Hernández Cifre, P. J. Herrero Piñeyro: Relating the minimal annulus with the circumradius of a convex set 133–149 View View
04-15 Chao Meng: On unicity of meromorphic function and its kth order derivative 151–159 View View