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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 3

Year: 2009


Issue: 4 (December, 2009)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
03-48 András Prékopa: Inequalities for discrete higher order convex functions 485–498 View View
03-49 Károly Nagy: Almost everywhere convergence of a subsequence of the Nörlund logarithmic means of Walsh-Kaczmarz-Fourier series 499–510 View View
03-50 Jun Ichi Fujii, Masatoshi Fujii, Yuki Seo: The Golden-Thompson-Segal type inequalities related to the weighted geometric mean due to Lawson-Lim 511–518 View View
03-51 Nicolaie Lungu, Ioan A. Rus: On a functional Volterra-Fredholm integral equation, via Picard operators 519–527 View View
03-52 J. Barić, A. Matković: Bounds for the normalized Jensen-Mercer functional 529–541 View View
03-53 Eder Kikianty, S. S. Dragomir, P. Cerone: Inequalities of Grüss type involving the p-HH-norms in the Cartesian product space 543–557 View View
03-54 A. Vukelić: Estimations of the error for general Simpson type formulae via pre-Grüss inequality 559–566 View View
03-55 Andriy Ya. Olenko, Tibor K. Pogány: Convergence rate in multidimensional irregular sampling restoration 567–576 View View
03-56 S. Banić: Mappings Connected with Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities for Superquadratic Functions 577–589 View View
03-57 Dorian Popa: A Property of a Functional Inclusion Connected with Hyers-Ulam Stability 591–598 View View
03-58 Georgia Irina Oros: Applications of certain differential inequalities to the univalence of an integral operator 599–605 View View
03-59 S. S. Dragomir, C. E. M. Pearce: Some inequalities relating to upper and lower bounds for the Riemann–Stieltjes integral 607–616 View View
03-60 J. Mićić: Inequalities involving the Khatri-Rao product of matrices 617–630 View View
03-61 Antonio Cañada, Salvador Villegas: Optimal Lyapunov inequalities for boundary value problems 631–643 View View
03-62 Mario Krnić: Hilbert inequality and Gaussian hypergeometric functions 645–656 View View
03-63 Ivica Gusić: A note on certain maps between ordered fields 657–661 View View
03-64 S. S. Dragomir: Accurate Approximations for the Riemann-Stieltjes Integral Via Theory of Inequalities 663–681 View View