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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 18

Year: 2024


Issue: 1 (March, 2024)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
18-01 Aiting Wang: Variable anisotropic Herz-Morrey-Hardy spaces and their applications 1–24 View View
18-02 Lam T. T. Tam, Huynh M. Hien: New refinements of Aczél-type inequalities and their applications 25–37 View View
18-03 Damla Yılmaz, Hasret Yazarl, Choonkil Park: On the stability of cubic bi-derivations on Banach algebras 39–50 View View
18-04 Abdul Basir, M. Adil Khan, Josip Pečarić: Majorization type inequalities via 4-convex functions 51–67 View View
18-05 Yaojun Ye: Lower bounds for the blow-up time in a higher-order nonlinear Kirchhoff-type equation 69–77 View View
18-06 Yuming Chu, Muhammad Uzair Awan, Muhammad Zakria Javed, Kamel Brahim, Muhammad Aslam Noor, Mustapha Raïssouli, Awais Gul Khan: Analytic inequalities involving weighted exponential ψ-beta functions and applications 79–101 View View
18-07 Hiroshi Ando, Toshio Horiuchi: Generalized weighted Hardy's inequalities with compact perturbations 103–126 View View
18-08 Rezwan Ul Shaban, Muhammad Imran, Hilal A. Ganie: Bounds for the α-adjacency energy of a graph 127–141 View View
18-09 Badriya Al-Azri, Ahmad Al-Salman: Lp bounds for singular integral operators along twisted surfaces 143–169 View View
18-10 K. Mahesh Krishna: Non-linear Casazza-Kalton-Christensen-van Eijndhoven perturbation with applications 171–191 View View
18-11 Tudor Bînzar, Flavius Lucian Pater: On fuzzy spectral radii for fuzzy bounded operators with application to fuzzy Volterra operator 193–205 View View
18-12 Mei Guan, Songting Yin: A new Laplacian comparison theorem and its applications on Finsler manifold 207–217 View View
18-13 Changsen Yang, Dan Li: Some improvements about numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators 219–234 View View
18-14 Aizhen Wang, Bicheng Yang: On a more accurate reverse Hardy-Hilbert's inequality with two partial sums 235–251 View View
18-15 Yongfeng Wu, Xin Deng: Complete moment convergence for arrays of rowwise independent random elements in Rademacher type p Banach spaces 253–269 View View
18-16 Sanja Kovač, Josip Pečarić, M. Ribičić Penava: Weighted Montgomery identity and weighted Hadamard inequalities 271–285 View View
18-17 László Horváth: Inequalities for functions convex on the coordinates with applications to Jensen and Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities, and to new divergence functionals 287–314 View View
18-18 Xiangrun Yang, Changsen Yang, Haiying Li: Further improvements for Young's inequalities on the arithmetic, geometric, and harmonic mean 315–328 View View
18-19 Yichun Zhao, Jiang Zhou: Bσ type mixed Morrey spaces and their applications 329–353 View View
18-20 Robinson Soraisam, Barchand Chanam: Relative growth of a complex polynomial with restricted zeros 355–374 View View
18-21 Mohsen Rostamian Delavar, Mohsen Kian, M. De La Sen: A sharp mid-point type inequality 375–387 View View
18-22 Deqiang Yuan, Zhenlong Gao: Normal approximation for a randomly indexed branching process 389–399 View View
Issue: 2 (June, 2024)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
18-23 Ru Liu, Jiajin Wen, Tian Yong Han, Jun Yuan: Jensen-Marshall-Ky Fan-type inequalities and their applications in business profit management model 401–442 View View
18-24 Kristina Krulić Himmelreich, Josip Pečarić, Dora Pokaz, Marjan Praljak: Generalizations of Hardy-type inequalities by the Hermite interpolating polynomial 443–455 View View
18-25 Essam Awwad, A. I. Saied: Some weighted dynamic inequalities of Hardy type with kernels on time scales nabla calculus 457–475 View View
18-26 Zhong-Qi Xiang, Chun-Xia Lin, Xiang-Chun Xiao: Frame inequalities in Hilbert spaces: two-sided inequalities with new structures 477–488 View View
18-27 Qinghua Hu, Xiaojing Zhou: Stević-Sharma type operators from H into the Bloch space 489–517 View View
18-28 Changsen Yang, Gege Zhang: Some refinements of Young type inequalities 519–531 View View
18-29 Stevo Stević: Six classes of nonlinear two-dimensional systems of difference equations which are solvable 533–550 View View
18-30 Ana-Maria Acu, Nursel Çetin, Gancho Tachev: Approximation by perturbed Baskakov-type operators 551–563 View View
18-31 Sever Silvestru Dragomir, Mohamed Jleli, Bessem Samet: Reverse Ostrowski's type weighted inequalities for convex functions on linear spaces with applications 565–589 View View
18-32 Chaoqian Li, Xuelin Zhou, Hehui Wang: Lower bounds for the smallest singular value via permutation matrices 591–604 View View
18-33 Shigeru Furuichi: Wigner-Yanase-Dyson function and logarithmic mean 605–617 View View
18-34 Zaryab Hussain, Jian Zhong Xu, Fairouz Tchier, Sadia Talib, Umar Raza, Muhammad Arshad: Estimates for the norm of the spherical maximal operator on finite graphs 619–629 View View
18-35 Mohammad Sababheh, Shigeru Furuichi, Hamid Reza Moradi: Operator inequalities via the triangle inequality 631–642 View View
18-36 Yuan Lu, Jiang Zhou: Characterizations of slice Besov-type and slice Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces and applications 643–684 View View
18-37 Sallieu Kabay Samura, Shijie Wang, Ling Chen, Xuejun Wang, Fei Zhang: Complete consistency and asymptotic normality for the weighted estimator in a nonparametric regression model under dependent errors 685–704 View View
18-38 Nguyen Huy Hoang, Tran Thi Hai Ly, Nguyen Quang Chung: Inequalities for the probability of ruin in a reinsurance risk model with m-dependence assumptions 705–717 View View
18-39 Faezeh Parvin Mohebbi, Mahmoud Hassani, Mohsen Erfanian Omidvar, Hamid Reza Moradi, Shigeru Furuichi: Further Jensen--Mercer's type inequalities for convex functions 719–737 View View
18-40 Vitalii Marchenko: Splitting inequalities for differences of exponentials 739–754 View View
18-41 Kwok-Pun Ho: Fractional integral operators on grand Morrey spaces and grand Hardy-Morrey spaces 755–774 View View
18-42 Maisnam Triveni Devi, Barchand Chanam, Thangjam Birkramjit Singh: Sharpening of inequalities concerning polynomials 775–789 View View
18-43 Hongwei Qiao, Guojun Hai, Alatancang Chen: Improvements of A-numerical radius for semi-Hilbertian space operators 791–810 View View