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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 17

Year: 2023


Issue: 3 (September, 2023)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
17-53 Dongdong Gao, Jianli Li: New impulsive-integral inequality for stochastic differential equations with Poisson jumps and Caputo fractional derivative 831–847 View View
17-54 Xijun Liu, Qingwu Gao: Asymptotics for random-time ruin probability of a risk model with diffusion, constant interest force and non-stationary arrivals 849–865 View View
17-55 Nassima Belaggoun, Hacéne Belbachir: On the spectral norms of r-circulant and geometric circulant matrices with the bi-periodic hyper-Horadam sequence 867–883 View View
17-56 Wushuang Liu, Xingkai Hu, Yaoqun Wang, Yuan Yi: Two lower bounds for the smallest singular value of matrices 885–891 View View
17-57 Hamid Reza Moradi, Shigeru Furuichi, Mohammad Sababheh: Quasi-convex and Q-class functions 893–908 View View
17-58 Naoya Yamaguchi, Yuka Yamaguchi, Maiya Hori: Inequality for the variance of an asymmetric loss 909–913 View View
17-59 Xin Chen, Xiang Gao: A new isoperimetric-type inequality and its stability 915–929 View View
17-60 A. Lecko, Barbara Śmiarowska: The third-order Hermitian Toeplitz determinant for some classes of analytic functions 931–942 View View
17-61 Samir H. Saker, Ramy R. Mahmoud, Mario Krnić: Exact exponents for inclusion of discrete Muckenhoupt classes into Gehring classes and reverse 943–967 View View
17-62 Lingling He, Xiaoqin Li, Yan Shen, Qiuyue Wu: Moment convergence rate of estimators in partially linear models under AANA errors 969–984 View View
17-63 Yong Sun, Zhi-Gang Wang, Huo Tang: Sharp bounds on the fourth-order Hermitian Toeplitz determinant for starlike functions of order 1/2 985–996 View View
17-64 Mohammad Alakhrass: Numerical radius of products of special matrices 997–1006 View View
17-65 Maktagul Alday, Madi Raikhan: On generalized singular number of positive matrix of τ measurable operators 1007–1016 View View
17-66 Guanghua Shi: On the convexity of some trace functions 1017–1025 View View
17-67 Peipei Du, Gendi Wang: Monotonicity, convexity, and inequalities for functions involving gamma function 1027–1045 View View
17-68 Junli Shen, Fei Zuo, Hongliang Zuo: On p-quasi-n-hyponormal operators 1047–1058 View View
17-69 Ya-hui Zhu, Wei-cai Peng, Yong-jin Zhang, Zhong-zhi Wang: On strong deviation theorems concerning array of random variables with applications 1059–1074 View View
17-70 Nicuşor Minculete: On several inequalities related to convex functions 1075–1086 View View
17-71 Guangbin Wang, Jingliang Lv, Xiaoling Zou: Asymptotic properties of stochastic prey-predator models 1087–1112 View View
17-72 Xin Lin, Changlin Deng: Asymptotic expansion for generalized Mathieu series 1113–1127 View View
17-73 Lei Shi, Muhammad Arif, H. M. Srivastava, Muhammad Ihsan: Sharp bounds on the Hankel determinant of the inverse functions for certain analytic functions 1129–1143 View View
17-74 Tao Zhang, Alatancang Chen, Bo-Yan Xi, Huan-Nan Shi: The relationship between r-convexity and Schur-convexity and its application 1145–1152 View View
17-75 Abbas Alipour, Mohammad Hadi Akhbari: Further properties of 2-inner product spaces 1153–1164 View View
17-76 Ludovick Bouthat, Javad Mashreghi, Frédéric Morneau-Guérin: Hardy-type inequalities for ℓp sequences 1165–1178 View View
17-77 Yu Peng, Tingsong Du: Hermite-Hadamard-type inequalities for differentiable multiplicative m-preinvexity and (s,m)-preinvexity via the multiplicative tempered fractional integrals 1179–1201 View View
17-78 Yonghui Ren: Further refinements of the Tan-Xie inequality for sector matrices and its applications 1203–1209 View View
17-79 Xiran Zhang, Qianjun He, Xiang Li: Sharp bound of m-linear n-dimensional p-adic Hausdorff operators on p-adic Morrey spaces 1211–1221 View View
17-80 Nour Elhouda Allaoui, Fares Mokhtari: Anisotropic nonlinear elliptic system with degenerate coercivity and Lm data 1223–1239 View View