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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 16

Year: 2022


Issue: 3 (September, 2022)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
16-57 P. N. Agrawal, A. M. Acu, R. Chauhan: Weighted A-statistical convergence and Bögel approximation by operators of exponential type 827–850 View View
16-58 Yanchun Yi, Pingyan Chen, Soo Hak Sung: Convergence rate for weighted sums of ψ-mixing random variables and applications 851–865 View View
16-59 Huihui Zhang, Yan Lin, Xiao Yu: Multilinear commutators related to maximal function on Morrey-Banach space and its application 867–890 View View
16-60 Changsen Yang, Kexin Wang: Estimates for the numerical radius of n × n operator matrices 891–907 View View
16-61 Yogesh J. Bagul, Ramkrishna M. Dhaigude: Alternative proofs of Shafer's inequality for inverse hyperbolic tangent 909–913 View View
16-62 Li Yin: Monotonic properties for ratio of the generalized (p,k)-polygamma functions 915–921 View View
16-63 Chao-Ping Chen, Branko J. Malešević: A method to prove inequalities and its applications 923–945 View View
16-64 Mohamed M. A. Metwali: On monotonic Lϕ-solutions for a class of quadratic-Urysohn integral equations 947–964 View View
16-65 Fei Zuo, Hongliang Zuo: Spectral properties and characterization of quasi-n-hyponormal operators 965–974 View View
16-66 Kin Keung Lai, Jaya Bisht, Nidhi Sharma, Shashi Kant Mishra: Hermite-Hadamard type integral inequalities for the class of strongly convex functions on time scales 975–991 View View
16-67 Choonkil Park, Abasalt Bodaghi, Idham Arif Alias: Random stability and hyperstability of multi-quadratic mappings 993–1004 View View
16-68 P. N. Agrawal, Behar Baxhaku, Sompal Singh: Deferred statistical convergence and power summability method for 𝖖-Laguerre polynomials operator 1005–1028 View View
16-69 Nazia Irshad, Asif R. Khan, S. Sikander Shirazi: Generalized inequalities for functions of Lp spaces via Montgomery identity with parameters 1029–1049 View View
16-70 Juanjuan Pan, Shiguo Yang, Wen Wang: Reverse form of the Minkowski inequalities with applications 1051–1059 View View
16-71 Wenlong Sun, Yanqiu Liu, Yuanfeng Jin, Choonkil Park: Iterative algorithms for common solutions of split mixed equilibrium problems and fixed point problems of λ-hybrid multivalued mappings 1061–1074 View View
16-72 Qiang Chen, Yong Hong, Bicheng Yang: A more accurate extended Hardy-Hilbert's inequality with parameters 1075–1089 View View
16-73 Yu Cao, Jifeng Cao, Pinzheng Tan, Tingsong Du: Some parameterized inequalities arising from the tempered fractional integrals involving the (μ,η)-incomplete gamma functions 1091–1121 View View
16-74 Wushuang Liu, Xingkai Hu, Jianping Shi: On some inequalities related to Heinz means for unitarily invariant norms 1123–1128 View View
16-75 W. Luangboon, K. Nonlaopon, J. Tariboon, S. K. Ntouyas, H. Budak: Post-quantum Ostrowski type integral inequalities for twice (p,q)-differentiable functions 1129–1144 View View
16-76 Guanghua Shi: Norm inequalities related to Heinz and logarithmic means 1145–1150 View View
16-77 Shu Chen, Wei-cai Peng, Zhong-Zhi Wang: Strong deviation theorems for general information sources 1151–1167 View View
16-78 Hongliang Zuo, Yuwei Li: Some refinements of Young type inequalities 1169–1178 View View
16-79 Xiaomeng Li, Liu Yang, Xianfeng Su: Compactness of extremals for singular Trudinger-Moser inequalities on the whole Euclidean space 1179–1200 View View
16-80 Serap Kemali: Some generator functions for s-convex functions in the fourth sense 1201–1214 View View
16-81 Rovshan A. Bandaliyev, Dunya R. Aliyeva: On boundedness and compactness of discrete Hardy operator in discrete weighted variable Lebesgue spaces 1215–1228 View View
16-82 Liyun Zhao, Zhenyou Wang, Zhirong Su: A Derivative-Hilbert operator acting from Besov spaces into Bloch space 1229–1242 View View