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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 15

Year: 2021


Issue: 4 (December, 2021)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
15-89 Liang-Yu Hsieh, Dah-Chin Luor: On the bounds of scaling factors of affine fractal interpolation functions 1321–1330 View View
15-90 Jiafan Zhang, Xingxing Lv: On the generalized quadratic Gauss sums and its upper bound estimate 1331–1340 View View
15-91 Asif R. Khan, Inam Ullah Khan, Shahid Sultan Ali Ramji: Generalization and refinements of the Jensen-Mercer inequality with applications 1341–1360 View View
15-92 Jian Liu: Proof of a double inequality in triangles 1361–1374 View View
15-93 Zhaohui Gu, Bicheng Yang: An extended Hardy-Hilbert's inequality with parameters and applications 1375–1389 View View
15-94 Saad Ihsan Butt, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir, Praveen Agarwal, Dumitru Baleanu: Non-conformable integral inequalities of Chebyshev-Pólya-Szegö type 1391–1400 View View
15-95 Yongfang Cui, Kaiyong Wang: Uniform asymptotics for the tail of the discounted aggregate claims with UTAI claim sizes 1401–1409 View View
15-96 B. Mitić, E. Milovanović, M. Matejić, I. Milovanović: Some inequalities on the inverse sum indeg coindex 1411–1423 View View
15-97 Leila Nasiri, Shigeru Furuichi: On a reverse of the Tan-Xie inequality for sector matrices and its applications 1425–1434 View View
15-98 Yongtao Li, Xiqin Lin, Lihua Feng: Partial determinant inequalities for positive semidefinite block matrices 1435–1445 View View
15-99 Yangkendi Deng, Dunyan Yan, Mingquan Wei: Sharp estimates for m-linear p-adic Hardy and Hardy-Littlewood-Pólya operators on p-adic central Morrey spaces 1447–1458 View View
15-100 Tie-Hong Zhao, Yu-Ming Chu, Wei-Mao Qian: Sharp power mean bounds for the tangent and hyperbolic sine means 1459–1472 View View
15-101 Mohamed Doubbi Bounoua, Chuntao Yin: Some Simpson type fractional integral inequalities for functions of bounded variation 1473–1486 View View
15-102 Joanna Nikodem, Kazimierz Nikodem: Fuzzy means and HGA-type inequalities 1487–1497 View View
15-103 Masakazu Onitsuka: Hyers-Ulam stability for second order linear differential equations of Carathéodory type 1499–1518 View View
15-104 P. N. Agrawal, Ana Maria Acu, Neha Bhardwaj: Quantitative Voronovskaya type results for a sequence of Stancu type operators 1519–1532 View View
15-105 Yi Yanchun, Pingyan Chen, Soo Hak Sung: Strong consistency of LS estimators in simple linear EV regression models with WOD errors 1533–1544 View View
15-106 Xin Deng, Fenbing Zhou, Yi Wu, Xuejun Wang: Complete moment convergence for weighted sums of m-asymptotic negatively associated random variables 1545–1560 View View
15-107 Essam Awwad: Some new generalizations of weighted dynamic Hardy-Knopp type inequalities with kernels 1561–1579 View View
15-108 Wenlong Sun, Gang Lu, Yuanfeng Jin, Choonkil Park: Self-adaptive algorithms for an equilibrium split problem in Hilbert spaces 1581–1596 View View
15-109 Abimbola Abolarinwa, Kamilu Rauf, Songting Yin: Corrigendum to: “Sharp Lp Hardy type and uncertainty principle inequalities on the sphere” 1597–1600 View View
15-110 Baofeng Lai, Runqiu Wang, Hao Liu: A note on two weighted discrete Carleman inequalities 1601–1611 View View
15-111 Xiao Zhang, Feng Liu, Huiyun Zhang: Mapping properties of maximal operators on infinite connected graphs 1613–1636 View View
15-112 Sora Hiramatsu, Yuki Seo: Determinant for positive operators and Oppenheim's inequality 1637–1645 View View
15-113 Bing He, Yanru Zhong, Bicheng Yang: On a more accurate Hilbert-type inequality involving the partial sums 1647–1662 View View
15-114 Thangjam Birkramjit Singh, Barchand Chanam: Generalizations and sharpenings of certain Bernstein and Turán types of inequalities for the polar derivative of a polynomial 1663–1675 View View
15-115 Wenlong Sun, Yanqiu Liu, Yuanfeng Jin, Choonkil Park: A new algorithm for finding a common solution of a split variational inequality problem, the fixed point problems and the variational inclusion problems 1677–1693 View View
15-116 P. N. Agrawal, Ana Maria Acu, Ruchi Chauhan, Tarul Garg: Approximation of Bögel continuous functions and deferred weighted A-statistical convergence by Bernstein-Kantorovich type operators on a triangle 1695–1711 View View