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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 13

Year: 2019


Issue: 3 (September, 2019)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
13-39 Horst Martini, Zokhrab Mustafaev: On inner and outer radii in Minkowski spaces 601–609 View View
13-40 Youyu Wang, Qichao Wang: Lyapunov-type inequalities for fractional differential equations under multi-point boundary conditions 611–619 View View
13-41 Bandar Bin-Mohsin, Muhammad Uzair Awan, Muhammad Aslam Noor, Marcela V. Mihai, Khalida Inayat Noor: New Ostrowski like inequalities involving the functions having harmonic h-convexity property and applications 621–644 View View
13-42 Hai-Rong Yan, Qiao-Ling Zhang, Ai-Min Xu: Some inequalities for generalized Bell-Touchard polynomials 645–654 View View
13-43 Juan Zhang, Weidong Wang: Lp-dual affine surface areas for the general Lp-centroid bodies 655–666 View View
13-44 Jenica Cringanu: Improving some inequalities associated with the Euler-Mascheroni constant 667–673 View View
13-45 Julalak Prabseang, Kamsing Nonlaopon, Jessada Tariboon: Quantum Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for double integral and q-differentiable convex functions 675–686 View View
13-46 Ana-Maria Acu, Ogün Doǧru, Carmen Violeta Muraru, Voichiţa Adriana Radu: Approximation properties of certain Bernstein-Stancu type operators 687–702 View View
13-47 Zengle Zhang, Niufa Fang: A new proof of the Orlicz-Lorentz Busemann-Petty centroid inequality 703–713 View View
13-48 Guanghua Shi: Generalization of Heinz operator inequalities via hyperbolic functions 715–724 View View
13-49 O. O. Fabelurin, J. A. Oguntuase, L.-E. Persson: Multidimensional Hardy-type inequalities on time scales with variable exponents 725–736 View View
13-50 Julià Cufí, Agustí Reventós, Carlos J. Rodríguez: A discrete approach to Wirtinger's inequality 737–746 View View
13-51 Jianguo Zhao, Qi Jiang: A note on "Remarks on some inequalities for positive semidefinite matrices and questions for Bourin" 747–752 View View
13-52 Sh. M. Nasibov, E. J. M. Veling: Upper and lower bounds for the optimal constant in the extended Sobolev inequality. Derivation and numerical results 753–778 View View
13-53 Weidong Wang, Hai Li, Zhonghuan Shen: On the Negative Solutions of Lp-Busemann-Petty Problem 779–788 View View
13-54 Zaid Laadjal, Nacer Adjeroud, Qinghua Ma: Lyapunov-type inequality for the Hadamard fractional boundary value problem on a general interval [a, b] 789–799 View View
13-55 Yogesh J. Bagul: Remark on the paper of Zheng Jie Sun and Ling Zhu 801–803 View View
13-56 María Concepción López-Díaz, Miguel López-Díaz, Sergio Martínez-Fernández: Stochastic inequalities based on Cobb-Douglas utility functions 805–825 View View
13-57 Martin Lukarevski, Dan Stefan Marinescu: A refinement of the Kooi's inequality, Mittenpunkt and applications 827–832 View View
13-58 Li Yin, Li-Guo Huang, Yong-Li Wang, Xiu-Li Lin: A survey for generalized trigonometric and hyperbolic functions 833–854 View View
13-59 Chang-Jian Zhao, Wing-Sum Cheung: Reverse Hilbert type inequalities 855–866 View View
13-60 Choonkil Park: Additive s-functional inequalities and partial multipliers in Banach algebras 867–877 View View
13-61 Wentao Cheng, Wenhui Zhang, Axiu Shu: Approximation properties of (p,q)-Gamma operators 879–890 View View
13-62 Marius Munteanu: Extensions of Hlawka's inequality for four vectors 891–901 View View