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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 12

Year: 2018


Issue: 3 (September, 2018)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
12-46 Zsolt Páles, Éva Székelyné Radácsi: A new characterization of convexity with respect to Chebyshev systems 605–617 View View
12-47 Aigerim Kopezhanova, Erlan Nursultanov, Lars-Erik Persson: A new generalization of Boas theorem for some Lorentz spaces Λq(ω) 619–633 View View
12-48 Haiyang Yu: Circular rearrangement inequality 635–643 View View
12-49 Erhan Deniz, Jay M. Jahangiri, Samaneh G. Hamidi, Sibel K. Kına: Faber polynomial coefficients for generalized bi-subordinate functions of complex order 645–653 View View
12-50 Shahid Qaisar, Farooq Ahmad, S. S. Dragomir, Muhammad Iqbal: New Hermite-Hadamard inequalities via fractional integrals, whose absolute values of second derivatives is P-convex 655–664 View View
12-51 Zhanpeng Yang, Wenjuan Ren, Tianzhou Xu: Ulam-Hyers stability for matrix-valued fractional differential equations 665–675 View View
12-52 Rozarija Mikić, Đilda Pečarić, Josip Pečarić: Inequalities of the Jensen and Edmundson-Lah-Ribarič type for 3-convex functions with applications 677–692 View View
12-53 Sheetal Deshwal, Ana Maria Acu, P. N. Agrawal: Pointwise approximation by Bézier variant of an operator based on Laguerre polynomials 693–707 View View
12-54 Youyu Wang, Qichao Wang: Lyapunov-type inequalities for nonlinear differential equation with Hilfer fractional derivative operator 709–717 View View
12-55 Evgeniya Burtseva, Staffan Lundberg, Lars-Erik Persson, Natasha Samko: Multi-dimensional Hardy type inequalities in Hölder spaces 719–729 View View
12-56 Naveed Latif, Nouman Siddique, Josip Pečarić: Generalization of majorization theorem-II 731–752 View View
12-57 Shoshana Abramovich: Extended normalized Jensen functional related to convexity, 1-quasiconvexity and superquadracity 753–764 View View
12-58 Weifeng Xu, Yi Wu, Rui Zhang, Huiling Jiang, Xuejun Wang: The mean consistency of the weighted estimator in the fixed design regression models based on m-END errors 765–775 View View
12-59 Yong Hong, Bing He, Bicheng Yang: Necessary and sufficient conditions for the validity of Hilbert type integral inequalities with a class of quasi-homogeneous kernels and its application in operator theory 777–788 View View
12-60 Ali Akbulut, Ramin V. Guliyev, Suleyman Celik, Mehriban N. Omarova: Fractional integral associated with Schrödinger operator on vanishing generalized Morrey spaces 789–805 View View
12-61 Khaled Boukerrioua, Dallel Diabi, Imen Meziri: New explicit bounds on Gamidov type integral inequalities on time scales and applications 807–825 View View
12-62 R. Ch. Mustafayev, N. Bilgiçli: Generalized fractional maximal functions in Lorentz spaces Λ 827–851 View View
12-63 Li-Chang Hung, Pei-Ying Li: On generalization of D'Aurizio-Sándor inequalities involving a parameter 853–860 View View
12-64 Ali Aral, Daniel Cárdenas-Morales, Pedro Garrancho: Bernstein-type operators that reproduce exponential functions 861–872 View View
12-65 Edward Neuman: On a new family of bivariate means II 873–882 View View
12-66 Xiangdong Liu, Xiaojie Jin: The Spitzer law for ψ-mixing random variables 883–888 View View
12-67 Zhen-Hang Yang, Jing-Feng Tian: A family of Windschitl type approximations for gamma function 889–899 View View