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Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

Volume: 11

Year: 2017


Issue: 4 (December, 2017)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
11-71 Víctor Almeida, Jorge J. Betancor, Alejandro J. Castro, Alejandro Sanabria, Roberto Scotto: Variable exponent Sobolev spaces associated with Jacobi expansions 901–946 View View
11-72 Pietro Cerone, Sever S. Dragomir, Eder Kikianty: Ostrowski and trapezoid type inequalities related to Pompeiu's mean value theorem with complex exponential weight 947–964 View View
11-73 Xin Deng, Shijie Wang, Rui Wang, Xiujuan Xie, Xuejun Wang: Almost sure convergence for END sequences and its application to $M$ estimator in linear models 965–982 View View
11-74 Wei Wang, Ming Feng: The log-Minkowski inequalities for quermassintegrals 983–995 View View
11-75 István Blahota, Károly Nagy: On the restricted summability of the multi-dimensional Vilenkin-Cesàro means 997–1006 View View
11-76 Run Xu: Some new nonlinear weakly singular integral inequalities and their applications 1007–1018 View View
11-77 Jun-Tong Liu, Qing-Wen Wang, Fang-Fang Sun: On Hayajneh and Kittaneh's conjecture on unitarily invariant norm 1019–1022 View View
11-78 Xianhe Zhao, Le Li, Hongliang Zuo: Further improved Young inequalities for operators and matrices 1023–1029 View View
11-79 Yi Wu, Yang Ding, Xuejun Wang, Weiyang Chen: Complete moment convergence for arrays of rowwise extended negatively dependent random variables 1031–1048 View View
11-80 M. Adil Khan, Jamroz Khan, Josip Pečarić: Generalization of Jensen's and Jensen-Steffensen's inequalities by generalized majorization theorem 1049–1074 View View
11-81 Feng Liu, Huoxiong Wu: Singular integrals related to homogeneous mappings in Triebel-Lizorkin spaces 1075–1097 View View
11-82 Zlatko Pavić: The Jensen and Hermite-Hadamard inequality on the triangle 1099–1112 View View
11-83 Zuliang Lu, Shuhua Zhang, Longzhou Cao, Lin Li, Yin Yang: Interpolation coefficients mixed finite element methods and L-error estimates for nonlinear optimal control problem 1113–1129 View View
11-84 Jia Jin Wen, Shan He Wu, Jun Yuan, Tian Yong Han: Mean central distance-central distance inequalities 1131–1149 View View
11-85 Yuzhen Mi: A generalized Gronwall-Bellman type delay integral inequality with two independent variables on time scales 1151–1160 View View
11-86 Ladislav Matejíčka: On two problems for Gauss compound mean 1161–1167 View View
11-87 Zhen-Hang Yang, Jingfeng Tian: Optimal inequalities involving power-exponential mean, arithmetic mean and geometric mean 1169–1183 View View
11-88 Seth Kermausuor, Eze R. Nwaeze, Delfim F. M. Torres: Generalized weighted Ostrowski and Ostrowski-Grüss type inequalities on time scales via a parameter function 1185–1199 View View